The SD Collective stands as a premier social club and full-service design firm, curating exclusive pop-up dinners, group events, and art parties at undisclosed locations in and around San Diego, CA.

Our expertise extends beyond mere event planning; we specialize in full-service experiential marketing and creative event design. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to connecting people through uniquely authentic experiences, creating memories that resonate beyond the ordinary.

The SD Collective COLLECTS like-minded people to start a "good vibes" only revolution that joins together social circles in our community by connecting them through unique, authentic experiences.


Fill out the questionnaire on our GET COLLECTED page and let us personally match you with some of the most interesting people at one of our next events.

Also, to truly understand the SD collective you should enter our events as if Monday was never destined to arrive and everyone you are about to meet will be your new best friend. Sign up, show up to the address you receive on your invitation, (optionally) turn off your phone, and feel the good vibes ahead. Each event has a different theme, live music, and interactive art. They are geared around memorable experiences  and generating human connection– expect much more than just a one time event. These are designed to create lasting connections. Explore all the things that make you truly unique as you dive into great conversation. This is just the beginning.

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